Melancthon II Wind Plant (132 MW) - Amaranth/Melancthon TWP

Commercial Operation on November 24, 2008

Melancthon II Wind Plant is the second phase of a wind plant being developed by Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. Subsequently, TransAlta Energy Corp. acquired Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc. on October 5, 2009. Approximately 4,860 hectares of land were optioned for wind power development within the Townships of Amaranth and Melancthon, near the Town of Shelburne in southern Ontario.

The Melancthon II Wind Plant is a 132 MW wind plant surrounding the Melancthon I Wind Plant with approximately 32 MW in Amaranth Township and 100 MW in Melancthon Township, Dufferin County. This phase of the project will utilize 88 wind turbines. Each turbine has a rated capacity of 1,500 kilowatts.

As part of the project, a 34.5 kiloVolt (kV) underground collector system, approximately 17 kilometres of 34.5 kV underground transmission line, and a 34.5/230 kV transformer will be installed at the Amaranth Substation. This will interconnect the wind plant to existing Hydro One 230 kV circuits B4V and B5V which feed renewable energy into the Ontario electricity market administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator.

This phase of the wind plant will generate approximately 350,000 megawatt-hours per year of renewable energy.

Location: Townships of Amaranth and Melancthon near the Town of Shelburne, Ontario
Nameplate Capacity: 132 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 132 MW
Operator: Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.
Technology: Wind
Turbines: 88 GE 1.5 MW model sle Wind Turbines
Commercial Operation Date: November 24, 2008



Project Contacts:

Ontario Power Authority
Media and Public Relations
T. 416-969-6307 or 
TransAlta Energy Corporation

Lindsey Moen
External Communications Advisor
T. 403-267-7942