The Stakeholder Consultation Process

For the past five years, as it conducts its work, the OPA has consulted widely to solicit the views of industry partners, stakeholders, First Nation and Métis communities and others with an interest in the electricity system.  This advice has helped the OPA develop and implement a variety of initiatives.

This consultation process will continue with the updated Integrated Power System Plan (IPSP II).

The OPA has developed an IPSP Planning and Consultation document to provide stakeholders with information on the current status of the electricity system and to provide an outlook that takes into account the development work currently under way and the policy decisions that have been made.  This information is intended to support a dialogue that will assist in developing an updated IPSP.

The OPA welcomes feedback because we want to ensure that your priorities and views – that is, the opinions of Ontarians – are considered in the development of the updated 20-year plan.

For the IPSP stakeholder consultation session archives, please click here.

For further information about IPSP II: