OPA Activities during the Transition Period

Thu, 06/19/2014

During the transition period until the new government is fully in place, the Ontario Power Authority will continue to work on routine business. Decisions on launching initiatives or on the execution of new agreements may be deferred, pending government direction.

Updates on timelines for initiatives will be provided when they are available.

The OPA will continue to process normal administrative matters contemplated in its contracts, such as changes of control, force majeure claims and assignments to affiliates. The OPA will also continue the normal administration of contracts toward project completion, such as processing FIT Notice to Proceed requests.

The OPA has resumed normal operations for the microFIT Program. This includes processing new applications, issuing Application Approval Notices and updating the status of applications as appropriate. Please allow a few weeks for a status update to be issued as the microFIT team works through the volume of applications received during the writ period.

The OPA expects to announce the list of successful applicants for FIT 3 and the Unbuilt Rooftop Solar Pilot (URSP) in July. The procurement targets for FIT 3 and URSP are 123.5 MW and 15 MW, respectively. Please watch your My FIT Home Page for an update on the status of your application.