Mandate and Organization

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) was established by The Electricity Restructuring Act, 2004 which set out the following objectives for the organization:

1) To forecast electricity demand and the adequacy and reliability of electricity resources for Ontario for the medium and long-term.

2) To conduct independent planning for electricity generation, demand management, conservation and transmission and develop integrated power system plans for Ontario.

3) To engage in activities in support of the goal of ensuring adequate, reliable and secure electricity supply and resources in Ontario.

4) To engage in activities to facilitate the diversification of sources of electricity supply by promoting the use of cleaner energy sources and technologies, including alternative energy sources and renewable energy sources.

5) To establish system-wide goals for the amount of electricity to be produced from alternative energy sources and renewable energy sources.

6) To engage in activities that facilitate load management.

7) To engage in activities that promote electricity conservation and the efficient use of electricity.

8) To assist the Ontario Energy Board by facilitating stability in rates for certain types of customers.

9) To collect and provide to the public and the Ontario Energy Board information relating to medium and long term electricity needs of Ontario and the adequacy and reliability of the integrated power system to meet those needs.

To carry out its statutory objectives, the OPA has been organized under the following key functions: Legal, Aboriginal and Regulatory Affairs; Conservation; Electricity Resources; Power System Planning; Communications; and Finance and Administration.