Board of Directors

The OPA’s mandate is to contribute to the development of a reliable and sustainable electricity system for the benefit of Ontario customers. In doing so, it plans for the long term and procures and coordinates conservation and electricity supply from diverse sources.

The Board is responsible for the stewardship of the Ontario Power Authority. The directors have a duty to act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of the Ontario Power Authority. They exercise prudence and sound judgement in the decisions they make. Board members (directors) are expected to use their professional knowledge and expertise in performing their duties.

Board Information
Information on how the OPA's Board of Directors functions. Details include the appointment process, how long directors serve, responsibilities, Board expectations of management, expenses and remuneration.

Board of Directors
The Ontario Power Authority's Board of Directors

Board Committees
Information on how the Board Committees review and report on matters within their mandates and make recommendations.

Contact the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors welcomes your questions and comments. If your message is intended for a particular Board member or a particular committee of the Board, please make that clear in your message and it will be forwarded appropriately.

To contact our Board on any matter, you may:
Send a letter to:

Corporate Secretary
Ontario Power Authority
Suite 1600
120 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 1T1

Send an e-mail to the Corporate Secretary: