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In preparation for the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) program, the draft Request for Qualifications (LRP I RFQ) has been posted below for review and comment.

The draft LRP I RFQ reflects the policy direction outlined in the March 31, 2014 Minister’s Direction, the LRP Final Recommendations Report submitted by the OPA to the Minister of Energy on February 28, 2014, as well as the feedback received during the OPA’s extensive stakeholder engagement activities conducted to date on the LRP.

Comments and feedback on the draft LRP I RFQ can be provided via email to using the feedback form posted below, on or before May 2, 2014.

The OPA has also posted an updated procurement schedule, as well as LRP-specific transmission availability tables (TAT tables) that identify specific circuits and transmission stations in the province where capacity for potential large renewable projects may be available. Please note that these tables are intended to be to be for preliminary purposes only; the tables are subject to change as other OPA generation procurements (e.g., FIT) proceed. Updated TAT tables are expected to be made available prior to any future Request for Proposals (LRP I RFP) being released.

Draft LRP RFQ Materials:

A document outlining potential key components that may be included in the Request for Proposals phase (LRP I RFP framework) will be posted shortly.

Proposed LRP I RFQ Submission Fee
The OPA is proposing an LRP submission fee of the greater of either $2,000, or $1.00/kW of aggregate proposed capacity up to a maximum of $30,000. An additional fee of $2,000 per additional renewable fuel is also proposed for any LRP submissions that include more than one renewable fuel. Please refer to the draft LRP I RFQ for complete details. This proposed fee structure is subject to Ontario Energy Board (OEB) approval as part of the OPA’s 2014 Revenue Requirement Submission (OEB Case Number EB-2013-0326).

Should you have any specific comments regarding the proposed LRP I RFQ fee structure, we ask that you provide comments using the feedback form, including reasons for any suggested changes, on or before the extended April 21, 2014 deadline, via Please include “LRP I RFQ fee feedback” in the subject line.

Next Steps
Following the comment period for the draft LRP I RFQ (ending May 2, 2014), the OPA will finalize the LRP I RFQ. The final LRP I RFQ is expected to be posted by June 9, 2014. Interested parties should subscribe to the LRP subscriber list to ensure they are kept aware of any updates relating to the LRP.

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