Scarfe Lake Generating Station (2.3 MW) - Township of Cobden - Blind River: Canoe Lake

Scarfe Lake Generating Station is a two-unit hydroelectric station located on Canoe Lake, north of Blind River, in the Township of Cobden, District of Algoma. The station was commissioned in 1988 and has an installed capacity of 2.28 MW at a head of 21.75 metres.

The Scarfe Lake hydro station is an unmanned, run-of-river hydro station. The headworks include three stop log bays, an overflow weir and the two intakes to the penstocks. Each welded steel penstock is 130 metres in length and1.6 metres in diameter. The units discharge into three tail race chambers located below the units.

Scarfe Lake connects to the Hydro One 25kV F2 circuit at North Shore DS.

This hydroelectric generating station generates approximately 7,580 MWh of renewable energy per year.

Location: Township of Cobden - Blind River, ON
River System: Canoe Lake
Nameplate Capacity: 2.28 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 2.28 MW
Operator: 1149377 Ontario Limited
Technology: Hydroelectric
Turbines: Two double Francis turbines
Originally Built: 1988
Coordinate: 46°15'57.23" N 83°00'45.17" W

Project Contacts:

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