Brewers Mills (0.9 MW) - Seely's Bay: Cataraqui River

On January 1, 2015, the Ontario Power Authority merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator to create a new organization that combines the OPA and IESO mandates.

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Brewer’s Mills Generating Station is a three-unit hydroelectric station located on the Cataraqui River in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario. The station has been in service since 1939. The station has an installed capacity of 0.9 MW at a head of 5.5 metres.

The station is run-of-river without storage capability. The headwork consists of a concrete structure integral with the powerhouse and with stoplogs to control water. The concrete intake is equipped with steel trashracks. Three open flume penstocks convey water to the concrete powerhouse. Water is discharged into the Cataraqui River.

The station is connected to Canadian Niagara Power’s 26 kV circuit 27-11 from the Gananoque main substation.

This hydroelectric generating station generates approximately 2,429 MWh of renewable energy per year.

Location: Seeley’s Bay, Ontario
River System: Cataraqui River
Nameplate Capacity: 0.9 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 0.9 MW
Operator: Fortis Properties Corporation
Technology: Hydroelectric
Turbines: Three Francis turbines
Originally Built: 1939
Coordinate: 44° 24' 55.07" N, 76° 18' 39.76" W