Andrews Generating Station (47 MW) - Montreal River

On January 1, 2015, the Ontario Power Authority merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator to create a new organization that combines the OPA and IESO mandates.

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The Andrews Generating Station is a three-unit hydroelectric station located on the Montreal River. The first stage of development was completed in 1938 and the second stage was completed in 1975. The station has a total installed capacity of 47 MW at a head of 57.78 metres.

This station is the most downstream of the four stations on the Montreal River. The Andrews forebay is small and renders the station a run-of-river type operation.

Andrews has two separate penstocks. A common headpond feeds two separate powerhouses via a combination of tunnels and penstocks. The forebay has a maximum elevation of 124.79 metres.

Andrews is connected to the existing Hydro One 115kV line at Gartshore GS, which in turn connects to Gartshore TS.

This hydroelectric generating station generates approximately 163,713 MWh of renewable energy per year.

Location: Montreal River
River System: 47 MW
Nameplate Capacity: 47 MW
Operator: Brookfield
Technology: Hydroelectric, run-of-river
Turbines: Two Francis style turbines
One unknown
Originally Built: 1938
Coordinate: 84° 38' 41.53" W, 47° 14' 15.62" N
OPA Contract Term Commencement Date: December 1, 2009


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