London Cogeneration Facility (12 MW) - London

Commercial Operation on December 31, 2008

London Cogeneration Facility is a natural gas-fired 17.2 MW combined heat and power facility. In addition to electricity production, steam from the cogeneration facility will be used to provide space heating and cooling to nearby commercial, government and residential buildings.

On site, a building will house one gas turbine, generator, and a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) with supplementary gas firing. Back pressure steam turbine-generators will be provided for low pressure steam and electric power generation.

Location: London, Ontario
Nameplate Capacity: 17.2 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 12 MW
Developer: Fort Chicago District Energy
Technology: Natural gas-fired, combined heat and power project providing steam to local commercial, government and residential buildings
Generator Set: One Natural Gas Turbine Generator Set, with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) equipped with supplementary firing capability
Connection Point: 27.6kV London Hydro power line that runs in close proximity to site
Commercial Operation Date: December 31, 2008


Fort Chicago District Energy Facility

Project Contacts:

Ontario Power Authority
Media and Public Relations
T. 416-969-6307 or 
Fort Chicago District Energy Facility

Paul Eastman
T. 519-491-7580