City of Markham - 2012 Community Conservation Award winner

Winner - 150,000 – 500,000 population category 
Two milestones laid the groundwork for this award: the creation of the Markham Energy Conservation Office (MECO) in 2005, and the publication of the Greenprint in 2011.

MECO pioneered energy policy in Markham, establishing a commitment to bold projects and sustained effort. 

The Greenprint, Markham’s community sustainability plan, codified energy and climate as a strategic priority within the City’s sustainability vision and integrated energy conservation with system-level thinking. 

Markham’s ongoing commitment to local energy production can be seen most clearly in its solar photovoltaic investments and in the growth of Markham District Energy, Inc. (MDEI). 

MDEI is 100% owned by the City of Markham and provides district-level heating, cooling, and back up electricity to an ever-growing network of commercial and residential buildings. This centralized system improves efficiency and reduces waste while ensuring the flexibility to keep pace with evolving technologies.

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