Trail Road Landfill Generating Facility (6.0 MW) - Ottawa

On January 1, 2015, the Ontario Power Authority merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator to create a new organization that combines the OPA and IESO mandates.

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Commercial Operation on January 31, 2007

Trail Road Landfill Generating Facility is a landfill gas fuelled electricity generating facility located in the City of Ottawa.

The developer originally contracted the facility for 5 MW with a nameplate capacity of 5.3 MW. It was originally placed in commercial operation in 2007 with five generating units each with a rated capacity of 1,060 kilowatts.  After four years of operation, the developer proposed to the OPA to add a sixth unit to the facility to improve the capacity factor of the generating station by making better use of the available landfill gas. In June of 2012, the facility commissioned one additional generator increasing nameplate and contract capacity at the facility by 1 MW through an amendment to the existing contract.

Landfill gas is produced at the Trail Road Waste Facility Landfill site and the adjacent closed Nepean Landfill site.

The facility is connected  to Hydro Ottawa owned Fallowfield Distribution Station through 3.2 kilometres of overhead pole line and 170 metres of underground cable that were installed as part of the project.

It is estimated this facility is capable of generating over 35,000 - 40,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy per year.

Location: City of Ottawa
Nameplate Capacity: 6.3 MW 2012
5.3 MW 2007-2012
OPA Contracted Capacity: 6.0 MW 2012
5.0 MW 2007-2012
Operator: PowerTrail Inc. 
Technology: Landfill gas
Engines: Six GE Jenbacher JGC 320 GS-LC
Sixth generator added to facility and commissioned in June 2012
Commercial Operation / Term Commencement Date: January 31, 2007


Energy Ottawa

Integrated Gas Recovery Services Inc.

Project Contacts:

Ontario Power Authority
Media and Public Relations
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PowerTrail Inc.

Greg Clarke
Vice President, Operations
T. 613-225-0418, ext 7214