Hamilton (Digester Gas) Cogeneration Plant (1.6 MW) - Hamilton

On January 1, 2015, the Ontario Power Authority merged with the Independent Electricity System Operator to create a new organization that combines the OPA and IESO mandates.

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Commercial Operation on July 10, 2006

Hamilton (Digester Gas) Cogeneration facility is a bio-gas fuelled cogeneration or combined heat and power facility with a nameplate capacity of 1.6 MW to be built in the City of Hamilton, Ontario.

The facility consists of one generating unit which has a rated capacity of 1,600 kilowatts. The digester gas which consists of 65 percent methane is a by-product of the wastewater treatment process at Hamilton’s Woodward Avenue wastewater treatment facility.

Current operation of the Woodward wastewater treatment facility is producing approximately 17,000 cubic meters of digester gas through the normal wastewater treatment process per day. Electrical interconnection of the facility will be “behind the meter” and the generation will effectively result in displacing 1.6 MW of the water treatment facility’s 8 MW load.

In addition to the electricity output, the facility will produce thermal energy in a form of hot water that will be distributed back to the water and wastewater treatment facilities which will be utilized for facility space heating as well as the wastewater digesters.

It is estimated that the facility will generate approximately 13,200 megawatt-hours of renewable energy per year.

Location: City of Hamilton, Ontario
Nameplate Capacity: 1.6 MW
OPA Contracted Capacity: 1.6 MW
Operator: Hamilton Renewable Power Inc.
Technology: Bio-gas
Turbines: One Caterpillar G3520C generator set
Commercial Operation / Term Commencement Date: July 10, 2006


City of Hamilton

Project Contacts:

Ontario Power Authority
Media and Public Relations
T. 416-969-6307 or 
Hamilton Renewable Power Inc.

Jim Harnum
Vice President